Hepatitis-E Quantitative RT-PCR Kit

Mikrogen ampliCube HEV 2.0 Quant

The ampliCube HEV 2.0 Quant is a highly sensitive and flexible real-time RT-PCR test system for the detection of the four human pathogenic HEV genotypes in human plasma, serum or stool. The test can deliver qualitative and/or quantitative results and its performance is suitable for blood donor screening.

Revolutionary features

  • High sensitivity: suitable for single sample testing (ID-NAT) and sample pool testing (MP-NAT)(LoD: 36.13 IU/ml),
  • Complete Detection: detection of all four human pathogenic genotypes occurring worldwide
  • Qualitative and/or quantitative evaluation: determination of viral load (IU/ml) possible
  • For a variety of samples: validated for various types of sample material (human plasma, serum and stool)
  • Easy to use: enzyme mix is coloured blue for visual control
  • Complete: positive and negative control, internal control (extraction and inhibition control) as well as standards for quantification
  • High flexibility: use of different extraction methods and real-time PCR cycler possible
  • CE label: the ampliCube HEV 2.0 Quant test meets the high standards of the European Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medical devices
  • Rapid automation available: with the Mikrogen MIC Cycler - learn more


The ampliCube HEV 2.0 Quant has been fully validated with LightCycler Instrument 480 II (Roche). For extrac- tion of nucleic acid the MagNAPure Compact (Roche) and the Total Nucleic Acid Kit I (Roche) were used. (A compatibility list is available for additional extraction and detection methods.)


Mikrogen amplicube HEV 2.0 Quant Specification Sheet

Mikrogen amplicube HEV 2.0 Quant Instructions for Use

Mikrogen MIC Cycler RT-PCR Automation Specification Sheet

Kit Size Product Code
Mikrogen amplicube HEV 2.0 Quant Reagents for 50 determinations CB55002