Coronavirus Diagnostic Tests

Given the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic our dedicated team of diagnostic specialists and scientists have worked tirelessly to develop, manufacture and prepare a complete and comprehensive range of Covid-19 diagnostic products including associated reagents and personal protective equipment, (PPE).

Our offices remain fully open and our trained and professional staff are available to answer your questions and take your orders.

Serology diagnostic testing

We provide IgG & IgA ELISA, IgG Line (+avidity), and point of care tests for COVID-19, along with testing reagents and equipment.
All products are CE tested and available with rapid delivery from UK stock. Please see below for more details.

Product Product Code Number of items / tests pack CE Mark IFU/Info Download
recomLine SARS-CoV-2 IgG [plus Avidity] CE marked
Line Serological confirmatory test for COVID-19
CB7374 20 tests/kit IFU, Spec Sheet, Publication, Article
recomWell SARS CoV-2 IgG
ELISA Serological test for COVID-19
CB/7304 96 well plate
recomWell SARS CoV-2 IgA
ELISA Serological test for COVID-19
CB/7304 96 well plate
Coronavirus IgG / IgM Rapid Point of Care Test CB6407 1 test
COVID 19 IgG/IgM POCT (Colloidal gold) CB6401 25 tests/kit (serology)
COVID 19 IgG / IgM POCT (Serology) CB6402 25 tests/kit (serology)

Molecular diagnostic testing

  • RT-PCR for coronavirus, influenza A and B and parainfluenza, etc.
  • Viral Transport Media for coronavirus
  • Nasal swabs for coronavirus
  • alphaClean Mag RNA / DNA extraction systems for coronavirus
  • RT-PCR Controls for coronavirus

Product Description Product Code Number of items / tests pack CE Mark
Amplicube Coronavirus Panel RT-PCR KIT
Screening test for COVID-19
CB50142 50 tests
Amplicube Coronavirus SARS CoV-2 RT-PCR
Screening and confirmation test for COVID-19
CB50143 50 tests
MIC - Magnetic induction cycler RT-PCR
For processing PCR and RT-PCR kits
CB50143 1 unit

Viral Transport Medium, (VTM) plus swab CB/LSRP003 100 sets
alphaClean Pure RNA / DNA CB/831004 200 tests
alphaClean Mag RNA / DNA CB/831002 200 tests
alphaClean Proteinase K CB/831007 50mg
alphaClean Nucleic Acid Release Reagent CB/831000 100 tests  3x10ml
alphaClean Plus Nucleic Acid Release Reagent CB/831013 100 tests  4x8.75ml
alphaClean Tissue Shred, (TS), Using a pestle CB/831016 100 tests  1.5ml
alphaClean Tissue Shred, (TS), Fastprep dirupter CB/831017 100 tests  2.0ml
alphaClean Tissue Shred, (TS), Tissue Lyser CB/831018 100 2.0ml
alphaClean Collection Tube CB/831008 500 tubes

Personal Protective Equipment

Product Code Product Description Number of items
CE Mark
FFP3 Surgical Face Mask 1 mask
CBFFP2 FFP2 Surgical Face Mask 1 mask
CBKN95 KN95 Surgical Face Mask 1 mask
CB/BSM-1 BSM-1 Surgical Face Mask 1 mask
CB/HXM-2 HXM-2 Surgical Face Mask 1 mask
CB/QY-1 Forehead Thermometer 1 thermometer
Shoe Cover 1 pair (pack of 10)
CB6409 Head Cap 1 head cap (pack of 10)
CB/DFJX-1 Medical Coverall Suit 1 suit
CB6410 Medical Face Shield 1 shield
CB6411 Large Latex Gloves 1 box of 100
CB/6412 Medical plastic apron 1 apron (pack of 10)
CB/6413 Medical gown 1 gown (pack of 10)
CB/6414 Alcohol Hand Sanitiser
1 x 20ml (pack of 10)
CB/6415 Alcohol Hand Sanitiser
1 x 100ml (pack of 10)