Control Sera

The following test independent control sera can be used as single reagents in all Mikrogen test formats and other independent test systems. These control sera are not included in the regular kit contents and must be ordered separately.

Independent Control Sera for Line & ELISA

Product Product Code Size
ANA/ENA IgG positive serum CB26017 200µl
ANA/ENA IgG negative serum CB26013 200µl
B. pertussis IgG positive serum CB25717 200µl
B. pertussis IgA positive serum CB25718 200µl
B. pertussis IgG/IgA negative serum CB25713 200µl
Borrelia IgG positive serum CB24227 200µl
Borrelia IgM positive serum CB24219 200µl
Borrelia IgG/IgM negative serum CB24223 200µl
Campylobacter IgG positive serum CB26217 200µl
Campylobacter IgA positive serum CB26219 200µl
Campylobacter IgG/IgA negative serum CB26213 200µl
Chlamydia IgG positive serum CB26117 200µl
Chlamydia IgA positive serum CB26119 200µl
Chlamydia IgG/IgA negative serum CB26113 200µl
CMV IgG positive serum CB25517 200µl
CMV IgM positive serum CB25518 200µl
CMV IgG/IgM negative serum CB25513 200µl
EBV IgG positive serum CB24507 200µl
EBV IgM positive serum CB24518 200µl
EBV IgG/IgM negative serum CB24513 200µl
HCV Positive control serum CB24317 200µl
HCV Negative control serum CB24323 200µl
Helicobacter IgG positive serum CB24727 200µl
Helicobacter IgA positive serum CB24729 200µl
Helicobacter IgG/IgA negative serum CB24724 200µl
HEV IgG positive serum CB25017 200µl
HEV IgM positive serum CB25018 200µl
HEV IgG/IgM negative serum CB25013 200µl
HIV Positive control serum CB26617 200µl
HIV Negative control serum CB26613 200µl
HSV IgG positive serum CB25317 200µl
HSV IgG negative serum CB25313 200µl
Parvovirus IgG positive serum CB24417 200µl
Parvovirus IgM positive serum CB24418 200µl
Parvovirus IgG/IgM negative serum CB24403 200µl
Rubellavirus IgG positive serum CB25917 200µl
Toxoplasma IgG positive serum CB25917 200µl
Toxoplasma IgM positive serum CB25918 200µl
Toxoplasma IgG/IgM negative serum CB25913 200µl
Treponema IgG positive serum CB25117 200µl
Treponema IgM positive serum CB25118 200µl
Treponema IgG/IgM negative serum CB25113 200µl
Yersinia IgG positive serum CB24617 200µl
Yersinia IgA positive serum CB24619 200µl
Yersinia IgG/IgA negative serum CB24613 200µl

Test Controls

Test controls are part of a kit or are kit specific additional controls. Please indicate the exact type of control (negative, weak positive, cut-off) and the conjugate, as well as the article number and lot number of your kit or kits you need the control for.

Product Product Code Size

recomBlot BorreliaNB positive serum control IgG

CB24217 95µl

recomBlot BorreliaNB positive serum control IgM

CB24218 170µl

recomBlot BorreliaNB negative serum control IgG/IgM

CB24213 130µl

HCV IgG positive serum control

CB24317 200µl

HCV IgG negative serum control

CB24323 200µl

HIV IgG positive serum control

CB26617 200µl

HIV IgG negative serum control

CB26613 200µl