Sample digestion and decontamination kit for diagnostic of mycobacteria

Mycobacteria diagnosis relies on a very specific technique, both laborious and critical for good patient management. Most of the time TB lab technicians must process their samples in a restrictive environment (L3 safety laboratories, CAP or ISO accredited) while they are expected to give faster results. This is why RAL Diagnostics has developed a kit for the preparation of TB sputum samples. This kit aims at facilitating sample handling and routine technique while ensuring accurate results.

Streamline your workflow

The unique RAL TB PREP™ KIT digests the sample to release mycobacteria embedded in the mucus and then it deceontaminates it through a chemical process (Kent & Kubica method). Streamline your process with a rapid, reduced waste, 4 step process.


  • Easy, rapid 4-step protocol
  • All reagents and tubes included
  • Reliable & accurate
  • Designed to reduce waste

Product Product Code Product Sizes
RAL TB PREP™ KIT CB360000 1 kit

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