Pre-Prepared Slides

All stained sections are mounted with DPX and cover slipped. Sections are available unstained as listed below, or with a stain applied (see stain option table below). All stained slides are supplied with a printed label, detailing the section and staining method applied.

We have listed only a limited (histology) section of our slides, please enquire if you require a tissue or stain that is not listed. We can provide a large variety of sections for many disciplines, including botany, bacteriology, veterinary and more.

Histology Slides

Unstained Histology Slide Source Product Code
Epithelial Tissues
Squamous Epithelium Buccal Smear CBUS-SE
Renal Tubules Cuboidal Epithelium CBUS-RT
Ciliated Epithelium Bronchus T.S. CBUS-CE
Pseudostratified Epithelium Trachea T.S CBUS-PE
Simple Columnar Epithelium Small Intestine T.S. CBUS-CLE
Stratified Squamous Epithelium Oesophagus T.S. CBUS-SSE
Transitional Epithelium Urinary Bladder T.S. CBUS-TE
Connective Tissues
Areolar Connective Tissue Mammary Gland CBUS-ACT
Adipose Tissue Fatty Tissue CBUS-AT
White Fibrous Connective Tissue Tendon L.S. CBUS-WFCT
Yellow Elastic Tissue Pinna V.S. CBUS-YET
Reticulin Fibres Liver or Lymph Node CBUS-RF
Hyaline Cartilage Trachea T.S. CBUS-HC
Circulatory System
Artery T.S. CBUS-A
Vein T.S. CBUS-V
Aorta T.S. CBUS-AO
Cardiac Muscle L.S. CBUS-CM
Lymphatic System
Lymph Node T.S. CBUS-LN
Peyer’s Patches Ilium T.S. CBUS-PPI
Spleen T.S. CBUS-SP
Endocrine System
Adrenal Gland V.S. CBUS-AG
Pituitary Gland V.S. CBUS-PG
Thyroid Gland V.S. CBUS-TG
Testis T.S. CBUS-TS
Ovary T.S. CBUS-OV
Digestive System
Tongue V.S. CBUS-TNG
Salivary Gland V.S. CBUS-SVG
Oesophagus T.S. CBUS-OES
Stomach L.S. CBUS-STM
Duodenum T.S. CBUS-DUO
Ilium T.S. CBUS-I
Appendix T.S. CBUS-APX
Liver T.S. CBUS-LV
Pancreas T.S. CBUS-PNC
Respiratory System
Trachea T.S. CBUS-TRC
Bronchus T.S. CBUS-BRC
Urogenital System
Urinary Bladder V.S. CBUS-UB
Fallopian Tube T.S. CBUS-FT
Uterus T.S. CBUS-UTS
Vagina T.S. CBUS-VG
Ovary T.S. CBUS-OV2
Testis T.S. CBUS-TS2
Prostate Gland V.S. CBUS-PRG
Muscular System
Striated Muscle L.S. CBUS-STML
Striated Muscle T.S. CBUS-STMT
Non-Striated Muscle Intestinal Wall L.S. CBUS-NSMIW
Cardiac Muscle Cat No: 17 CBUS-CM
Nervous System
Cerebellum V.S. CBUS-CBLM
Cerebrum V.S. CBUS-CEM
Spinal Cord T.S. CBUS-SC

Histology Section Slide Options

The unstained slides in the previous table can be modified to order. Please see the table below for the options. If the option you require is not available, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

To order a slide with a slide option, please quote the unstained slide code with the suffix of the option that you require. For example, to order an Artery T.S. slide with the Haematoxylin & Eosin staining option, quote code CBUS-A/EH.

Slide Option Description Product Code Suffix
Mounted onto Superfrost Plus slide Replaces the routine glass slide with a premium slide /SP
Gram Stain Highlights micro-organisms, if present /GS
Haematoxylin & Eosin Routine morphology staining /EH
Alcian Blue / PAS Stains acid & neutral mucins /ABP
Congo Red Stains amyloid, if present /CR
Giemsa Stains mast cells, for use in blood smears /GA
Gordon & Sweet Stains reticulin /GST
Grocott’s Methenamine Silver Stains fungus in tissues, if present /GMS
MSB Stains fibrin /MSB
Periodic Acid Schiff Stains glycogen on basement membranes /PAS
PAS / Diastase Stains glycogen on basement membranes /PD
Picro Sirius Red Stains collagen /PSR